DJI Inspire 1 Quick Release Propellers

DJI Inspire 1 Quick Release Propellers

Brand: DJI-WI
Product Code: CP.BX.000101
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Key Features
Each Pack Contains Two Propellers
One CW Self-Tightening Propeller
One CCW Self-Tightening Propeller
For Inspire 1 Pro / RAW
The DJI 1345T Quick-Release Props for Inspire 1 is a two-pack that features one clockwise (CW) and one counterclockwise (CCW) prop. It works with the Inspire 1 Pro and RAW as well as any earlier generation Inspire 1 that has the 1345T quick-release adapter installed. Featuring quick-release attachment, the props can be snapped on or off as needed without being unscrewed. As there are two rotational directions, please refer to the user guide to ensure that you replace a CW prop with a new CW prop and a CCW prop with a CCW prop.


For Inspire 1 Pro or RAW; or earlier Inspire 1 with the 1345T quick-release adapters installed

Dimensions: Height: 2.60 Width: 13.80 Length: 1.10

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