Yuneec Typhoon ActionCam 4K Video Camera with Carrying Case

Yuneec Typhoon ActionCam 4K Video Camera with Carrying Case

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Stabilized Imaging in 4K

The Typhoon ActionCam combines the impressive CGO3 camera gimbal with a handle for stable ground footage, allowing to record videos and take photos like never before. When using the Typhoon ActionCam, the camera stays level regardless of shaky hands or wobbling, making it the ideal tool for capturing life's quick moments with unparalleled detail. Stable footage even in the most turbulent circumstances.

CGO3 4K 3-axis Gimbal Camera

With ultra-high definition (UHD) resolution) four times higher than HD, the camera delivers high- quality images with the ability to capture slow motion 1080p / 120fps and 12 megapixel photos. Capture life in 4K with incredible detail and unparalleled realism.

Camera Pitch Control

The Camera pitch controller enables precise camera angle control and is conveniently placed where the thumb naturally sits on the handle for easy control while on the go. The Typhoon ActionCam features two modes to ensure every ground shot taken is perfect . When pitch follow mode is enabled, the camera locks in a forward facing position so the operator can frame shots based on their movement. Angle Mode allows you to capture stable footage regardless of movement so the result is high quality, stable video.

Custom Stylish Carry Case

Typhoon ActionCam with its rechargeable battery, Smart Charger, CGO3 4K Camera and Gyro Controlled Gimbal are all protected within a stylish and durable custom carry case. This ensures when you travel to tell your next story, your equipment will remain in optimum condition and be ready to shoot your next epic adventure.

Dimension : H:5.8XW:12.6XL:11.5

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