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Welcome to My Drone Adventure!


Every drone has a story to tell, and we are the authors of that story. Drones give us all the opportunity to tell our own stories to the world. My Drone Adventure shares in the excitement that the world of drones has to offer.


It is important to us at here at My Drone Adventure to be one the first companies to help provide our world with the drones that will deliver food to villages with starving children, prevent poaching and protect our endanger species, provide lifesaving search and rescue missions, and making sure that our farms and crops are sustained and healthy options for ourselves and our families. The possibilities are endless.


Here at My Drone Adventure we strive to meet every need that the drone world has to offer. Whether you are the hobbyist that wants to use an amazing Quadcopter to take breathtaking photographs of your vacation with your family, film your wedding like a Hollywood star, or a total sports junkie that wants the best FPV products or Racing drones for your next race, we are here for you.


My Drone Adventure completly understands that the drone industry is not just for fun. It can also be a great investment for your business when used commerciallyFixed wing drones are providing farmers with ways that they can reduce their crop damage and increase their yield. Insurance agents and adjusters are beginning to use Quadcopters to evaluate your claims, and property damage within hours. Gone will be the days of waiting for an adjuster to come out after a flood or hailstorm.  The use of drones in Law Enforcement has increased tremendously. Multicopters are now protecting our boarders, apprehending suspects, and protecting those officers that put their lives on the line for us every day.


The story that each drone has can be told from every aspect of life, and it will change the way that we see the world.


Every drone has a story…let us help you tell yours.



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