About My Drone Adventure

Welcome to MY Drone Adventure! My name is Tamara Brown and I work alongside my wonderful husband Kenneth Brown, and we are founders of My Drone Adventure. We have 3 amazing children Jordyn, Ethan, and Lily.  The desire to leave our children with a legacy and a bright future is something that we strive for. We have always had a zeal for working together, and with the spectacular world of drones we were able to combine our passions and hobbies together and create something wonderful.  


My husband Kenneth has 15 years of service in the Armed forces, which sparked his passion for flying. After he exited the military he was labeled as a Disabled Veteran. His dreams were crushed after finding out the he could never become a licensed commercial pilot after being diagnosed with PTSD.  Recently his dream was renewed once he found his new passion for flying UAV’s. He was finally able to make his dream of flying a reality again. He began to fly different Quadcopters, repair Multicopters, and build his own Racing drones as a hobby. He wanted to know everything about how UAV’s operated and how they are going to change the way that we see the world. His hobby quickly developed into the dream of sharing his passion with others.


I myself have always had a passion for photography and philanthropy. After leaving the corporate world to become a stay at home mom, I took on photography as a hobby. I delighted in taking photos of my children and other joyous occasions for friends and family members. A few family members started asking, why am I not in all the photos of our family? So I started my quest to find out how I could make it happen. My husband showed me how we can use a Quadcopter to capture moments with our family. So of course I was super interested now! I was obsessed with learning about everything that they could do. My heart for helping those in need, was overjoyed when I began to read how a Multicopter drone could deliver food to starving children, and the science of a Fixed Wing drone that could help farmers provide healthy GMO free food to our children. It began to spark ideas of how I could help others advance their quality of living with UAV’s.


As our children got older, and I began to look at photos of our story it sparked something inside of me. I started to think about the next chapter of our lives. I wanted us to be able to turn our dreams and passions into a realty, but it also It made me want to help others capture and create their own stories. So, our two worlds met when we combined my love for photography and philanthropy, with his love for technology and UAV’s. That was the day My Drone Adventure was born.


We quickly realized that the world of drones is such a vast industry. Drones are used to do so many amazing things. Such as remote sensing, aerial surveillance, agriculture, fashion, filmmaking, advertising, real estate, sports, power and phone line inspection, mining, oil and gas, I mean the list goes on and on. It was then that we figured out that My Drone Adventure was so much more than just capturing moments, it was about transforming our world into something better.


Here at My Drone Adventure we truly believe that every drone has a story, let us help you to tell yours.